My Best Advice for New Authors

Treat your readers, your audience as a valuable asset that should be developed and nurtured.

Don’t throw out random content and demand buy now! Buy my book!

First work on becoming part of the community and adding value in some way.

Make friendships. Be a positive voice. Be engaging.

Later, when it’s time to promote your work, sales will come more naturally because you’ve built relationships and trust without coming across as 1-dimensional and sales-y. (yuck!)

Write the best book you can.

Pay for professional editing and cover design.

Do your research, know your genre, sub genres, demographics, who your readers are, where they hang out online, what they are looking for on their next read.

Study the bestsellers in your genre, learn what they are doing well. What do their covers look like? I go so far as to check out their Facebook pages, look at the FB ads they are running.

Tip: to do this …You can visit a Facebook page, under page transparency, and then ad library. Pretty nifty, eh?

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