Recipes I Love

  • I’ve made this recipe for Orecchiette w/ Broccoli and Sausage MANY times and it’s a crowd pleaser. Everyone from my mother and father in law to my kids love it. And it’s VERY simple and delicious. I have also used parmesan cheese, because I’m not fancy enough to have Pecorino Romano. ☺
  • These brownies are AWESOME. I have substituted almond flour for the all-purpose flour and that worked as well. You can also add a bit more chocolate than the recipe calls for and they come out even more rich and decadent. My husband is a chocolate LOVER and he’s super happy when I make him these. ☺
  • I have made these homemade Chewy Granola Bars a couple of times with my kids and they love them. You can also add dried cranberries in addition to the mini chocolate chips and that’s a nice pop of something tart. I will say, ours have been very soft and chewy to the point where they can crumble if handled a lot. (just to warn you) They might not travel well. Unless I’m doing something wrong in the recipe! LOL. Which is entirely possible. But usually they’re gone in a day or two once I make a batch so it’s not something that’s been too bothersome. 
  • I have also used this Pioneer Woman recipe for pasta sauce. It makes A LOT, so be prepared to freeze some. (which is always nice for meal-prep)
  • I haven’t tried this one yet, but these Beef Enchiladas look really good. I would probably add another veggie though … green pepper? Zucchini? Something.


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